Success story : ARN is connected to GEANT through 2.5 Gbps link

01 March 2016

Algerian Research Network «ARN» ( has recently upgraded his link to GEANT Network (, the Pan-European NRENs Network from 622 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps. This upgrade is the result of a continuous increase need for GEANT link.


ARN is connected to GEANT since 2004. This operation has been the achievement of EC projects related to «EUMEDCONNECT» programme ( ARN has participated to all EUMEDCONNECT projects since the begining and now is part of Africaconnect2 project (

About ARN:

ARN is built on a national backbone with 10 PoPs operated by the ARN NOC. ARN uses international links with 3.2 Gbps: one with GÉANT, the Pan-European Research and Education Network since 2004 with 2.5 Gbps since February 2016 and other links for Internet commodity with commercial providers (777Mbps).

The current ARN backbone, which has been available since the first quarter of 2011, is an MPLS network with Giga Ethernet on the backbone. All of the institutions are connected with fiber between 100Mps and 10Mbps (42 universities are at 100Mps). The ARN backbone is an IpV6 network and will be extended with IpV6 services on the edge. More information can be found at

About GEANT:

GEANT plans, builds and operates advanced networks for research and education. It is owned by European NRENs (national research and education networks), and works in partnership with them and in cooperation with the European Commission. GEANT provides the data communications infrastructure essential to the development of the global research community. More information can be found at